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2010 Camaro

With GM being in the news so much lately it is hard to find something positive in the automotive industry. Well here at Art Gamblin Motors we have had the opportunity to sell 2 of the 2010 Camaro’s. It is the hottest car on the market. There so much demand but so limited supply as seeing one drive down the street stops traffic.
Since the movie Transformers America has been waiting for the new Camaro. I love the Camaro. Growing up my friends were obsessed with exotic cars such as the new Ferrari or Lamborghini. These sport cars would be plastered all over their bedroom walls. Myself I just wanted a 1969 Camaro SS/RS red with black racing stripes.
2003 was a sad year when it was the last year that Chevrolet would make the Camaro. But 2010 marks a new era for the American Muscle car. THE CAMARO IS BACK!
The first Camaro we got was the V6 engine. At first I was disappointed our first Camaro was not a big V8 but the V6 can handle its own. With its 3.6L V6 it pumps out 304 horsepower and gets a jaw dropping 29 MPG hwy.
The second Camaro we got was the RS/SS with 6.2L V8 engine with aftermarket wheels and tires. This car is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully you will get a chance to see it driving around the south Puget Sound area.

I created this youtube video but my music would not come through, so disappointed.




Sophia and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii for a week with my parents, younger brother Andrew and Andrew’s friend Coleman. We got to travel to Hawaii because my dad had a business trip and we volunteered to tag along. It was the Washington State Auto Dealers Association (WSADA) Convention and we had the opportunity to lie in the sun, snorkel, play tennis, swim, make new memories and eat lots of good food. We stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel on Maui. The Fairmont Kea Lani is the Gamblin’s favorite hotel. Our trip was very relaxing and also very busy; I thought I would break it down by each day.

Monday 5/11/09

We flew on Delta and we got a large selection of movies and TV shows we wanted to watch. Sophia cried during Marley and Me. I fast forwarded the last scene so I would not cry. The flight was long but watching TV and movies made it go by quickly. After arriving in Maui we went out to dinner at our favorite place to eat in Kihei , Maui “Lulu’s.” Lulu’s has the best food in Kihei and definitely best atmosphere. After a long flight we could not stay up late so we all crashed pretty early that night.

Tuesday 5/12/09

With the 3 hour time change we all woke up around 4:30 AM Hawaiian time. “The adults” went for a walk along the ocean into Wailea. By 9:30 AM it was already hot out so we all threw on our swimsuits and hung out at the pool. In the afternoon we got to move into our villa and relax. That evening we went to Andrew’s favorite restaurant, “Tommy Bahamas.” Andrew probably said a 100 times before dinner and after “The coconut shrimp is the best thing I have ever eaten!”

Wednesday 5/13/09

One of the great things about the WSADA convention is that they have breakfast every morning. So every morning we would always wake up and eat as much as possible. Sophia and I played one of our favorite sports on Wednesday, Tennis. We are both extremely competitive and we do not like to lose. I will admit that Sophia beat me 6-4 in the first set and I was ahead 4-2 before we called it enough because it was getting so hot. That night was the first night of the convention and we ate tons of food and did Gyotaku Printing which is the Japanese art of fish printing. My fish is awesome, Sophia’s not so much!

Thursday 5/14/09

Thursday we decided to venture out and we went out to Lahaina to do walk through all the shops. One of the Gamblin traditions is stop at the Crazy Shirts store and pick out your favorite shirt and take a picture of the statue outside. After Lahaina we drove north up Honolu’a Bay to hang out at the beach and go snorkeling. It was Sophia’s first time snorkeling. She saw a turtle; my dad saw an octopus and eel. I just saw a lot of fish. That evening Sophia and I got to go out to a romantic dinner just the two of us at the hotel which was great!

Friday 5/15/09

It is amazing how tired you can get in Hawaii and on vacations by doing nothing. Friday we all were exhausted. That evening’s dinner was crazy Hawaiian outfit night. Andrew and Coleman dressed up in their hula grass skirts and coconut tops. They won tickets to a Mariners game for best costume. Stormy Glick a good family friend offered $100 for the tickets. Andrew and Coleman quickly made the exchange. Stormy known for his pranks asked Andrew if he wanted the $100 split in half so they both could share. Andrew then gave Stormy back the $100 in anticipation for 2 $50 bills. Stormy then proceeded to rip the $100 bill into two halves and would not stop laughing the whole night. (The hotel did take Andrew’s ripped $100 and cashed him out)

Saturday 5/16/09

We brought a collection of board games with us and we finally pulled them out on our final day. We played Settler’s of Catan all day next to the pool. There is nothing better than laying next to the pool playing board games and eating food. This is one our favorite games (next to rummy of course, which Sophia beat me at on the trip). Sophia plays Settlers of Catan occasionally but she was too busy reading Angels and Demons. That evening we had the final banquet dinner and after dinner went back to the villa and watched Oceans 13.

Sunday 5/17/09

We only had a few hours in Paradise on Sunday. We woke up packed and had our final delicious meal. Before the flight we hit up the all you can eat buffet. The flight home was full of kids and babies. I got to smell a stinky diaper all the way home. Andrew got to listen to a screaming baby for half the flight. Sophia and I watched one our favorite movies, “Rat Race” on the way home. We still die laughing during the Nazi scene.

We had a wonderful time in Hawaii and we wish we could sit and lie around the pool and eat nonstop forever but we had to come back to reality which was wedding planning!



BleachersI just finished the book “Bleachers” by John Gisham.   Coach Eddie Rake built an unstoppable High School football program in Messina, Mississippi where losing was not an option and winning was not enough.  Coach Eddie Rake coached the Spartans for 34 years.  He expected perfect execution from his players and expected the same type of effort.  Coach Rake pushed his players to the boiling point to where after their playing days were over, players questioned if they loved coach or if you hated him.

Nelly Crenshaw the super star quarterback who won a state championship and went on to play college football came back to Messina to be there when Coach Rake died.  As the coach passed away all the past players of the Messina Spartans came back to town to be together and share stories of the “glory days.”  Nelly had the hardest time as he could not decide if he loved Coach or if having him die was the best thing to happen.  One of my favorite quotes in the book,

“Rare is the Coach who can motivate players to spend their lives seeking his approval.  From the time Neely first put on a uniform in the sixth grade, he wanted Rake’s attention.  And in the next six years, with every pass he threw, every drill he ran, every play he memorized, every weight he lifted, every hour he spent sweating, ever pregame speech he gave, every touchdown he scored, every game he won, every temptation he resisted, every honor roll he made, he coveted Eddie Rake’s approval.”

Coach Rake pushed his players to never quit and to keep on fighting.  He instilled in their minds that losing was not an option.  Nelly in the book says,

“Once you’ve played for Eddie Rake, you carry him with you forever.  You hear his voice, you see his face, you long for his smile of approval, you remember his tongue-lashings and lectures.  With each success in life, you want Rake to know about it.  You want to say, ‘Hey Coach, look at what I’ve done.’  And you want to thank him for teaching you that success is not an accident.  And with each failure, you want to apologize because he did not teach us to fail.  He refused to accept failure.  You want his advice on how to overcome it. 

At times you get tired of carrying Coach Rake around.  You want to be able to screw up and not hear him bark.  You want to slide and maybe cut a corner without hearing his whistle.  Then the voice will tell you to pick yourself up, to set a goal, work harder than everyone else, stick to the basics, execute perfectly, be confident, be brave, and never, never quite.

Another quote from the book that I thought was great was,

 “Few of us will ever do anything that will be recognized and remembered by more than a handful of people.  We are not great.  We may be good, honest, fair, hardworking, loyal, kind, generous, and very decent, or we may be otherwise.  But we are not considered great.  Greatness comes along so rarely that when we see it we want to touch it.”

I think everyone needs a Coach Eddie Rake in their lives.  Someone to push them over and over and even when they are not there, they still remember his constant voice.  I believe High School athletics is where young people can achieve greatness.  Where young individuals can come together and unite under one common theme and achieve what they set their minds to.  I love living in a small community like Enumclaw, Washington that reminds me so much of Messina, Mississippi.   I want kids throughout Enumclaw High School and high schools across the country to not take the easy ways out in life.  That hard work and success are earned.  I hope that kids and people do not forget that failure is not an option. “Set a goal, work harder than everyone else, stick to the basics, execute perfectly, be confident, be brave and never, never quite.”


YEAS Tailgate – Pete’s Field

On May 7, 2009 the Y.E.A.S Committee had a kick off tailgate luncheon to go over the proposed plan for the new Enumclaw Stadium at Pete’s Pool.

The City of Enumclaw and Enumclaw School District have partnered together to re-design The Enumclaw Expo Center (Pete’s Pool) Football Stadium into a premier football and soccer facility. This is a community based fundraising effort and they need your help. A taskforce has been assembled to develop a design and fundraising effort for the improvements.  Check out Your Enumclaw Area Stadium (Y.E.A.S) and see what you can do to help the cause at

Pete’s field is shared by 3 football programs:

Enumclaw High School Football  


EHS Football Players on hand for the luncheon

EHS Football Players on hand for the luncheon


Enumclaw Hornet Junior Football


Junior Hornet Players in attendance

Junior Hornet Players in attendance


Enumclaw Wolverine Junior Football  

I have played at Pete’s Field all my life.  I played 4-years with the Enumclaw Wolverines and 4-years at Enumclaw High School.  I love this field and there is no better place in the state to play a football game.  There is no track separating the fans from the field which creates an intimate way to watch football.  After the game the fans scatter on the field to congratulate players as this is not found throughout many high school programs and stadiums.  The giant field house as a backdrop makes the field look like it is made for a High School football movie.  

Towards the end of the football season the field is more like a giant piece of dirt with 3 teams playing on it regularly the natural grass cannot handle all the wear and tear.  Having field turf will allow Football and Soccer teams to practice more without concern of tearing the field apart and to play year round.  With an artificial surface it allows consistant field conditions with not concern of mud or the dreaded hill.  Pete’s Field does not meet WIAA regulations for post season play.  If the Hornets were to host a home playoff game they would not be able to play on their home field because all playoff games have to be played on artificial playing surfaces.  

Overall the tailgate luncheon was great.  Judge Richard Bathum had a great presentation on the history of Pete’s Field.  


Engagement Pictures

The engagement pictures finally came back!  Here are some of the pictures and a video of the best shots.

Engagement Photo Collage

Engagement Photo Collage


First Post – Ward’s Visit

This is my first attempt to post something on my blog so we will see how it goes. 

I really am interested to see how I like blogging.  I have read so much about it and many of my friends and family have blogs.  I hope that what I write or blog about may be worth the time of those who read it.  What I really plan on using this blog for is to keep people up to date with things I am up to or things I have recently done.  I will also throw in a random article of what I do at work and also I will use this blog to post things about EHS Football.

Ryan Ward and his wife Megan came up and visited the weekend of April 25 and 26.  Although Megan was not feeling well (it was not the swine flu) she battled through it.  We had a large list of things to accomplish while they visited.  Friday night on their arrival we had a big barbecue and lounged in the hot tub. 

Saturday we drove into downtown Seattle and we went to our wedding cake taste testing at Seattle Dessert Works.  All I have to say is wow.  It was the best way to start off a day.  The cakes are amazing and we are very excited to share them with you on our wedding day.  

I have forgotten how much I love downtown Seattle.  The new stores they have added are great like my favorite H&M.   Hillary my little sister says their is just a huge difference between the stores in Europe and here in America and I will have to agree with her.  I think it is comforting that you are buying a t-shirt for 7 pounds and you think you are getting a great deal because you are like hey it is 7 pounds but really it is like $14.  

I love walking through Pike Place Market.  Even as a local and visiting the market is a blast.  With so many restaurants downtown and great new places to try I still keep on going to Cheesecake Factory.

I remember a couple of years ago when I first went to Cheesecake Factory thinking it was the greatest place on earth, literally.  I think part of the excitement was there were not that many around.  This same concept was true when I was a little kid and I went to Red Robin every year for my big birthday dinner (there were not that many around).  I feel like the Cheesecake Factory is now becoming the next Red Robin to me.  I think I need to stop going so often and start venturing to other places to eat (but Cheesecake is so good and I can’t stop!). 

To cap off the day and the Ward’s visit we went to the Seattle Sounders game.  Since the NBA ripped the Sonics away from us (David Stern can suck it).  I must admit I am now a huge MLS fan.  I love our Sounders team.   The game was another sold out venue.  It was great!  The atmosphere was full of electricity.  Although the fans do need to work on getting some good chants beside sounders…sounders…sounders.  I thought I would hear a really weak rendition of ole ole ole.  I was highly disappointed.  I guess American’s are not as clever in chants or being good spectators (I think I might blog about that next).  The highlight of the night was when Ryan finally told Megan that Sounder FC did not stand for Sounder Foster Child but Sounder Football Club.  

It has been very busy for myself of late with being engaged, planning a wedding, spring football starting and work.  Until next time you stay classy my blog readers (haha, I love it)

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