Chevrolet Volt Early

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Good news from General Motors!  What!?  Now Way!?  With all the negative media surrounding General Motors and there restructuring (yes I am avoiding the B word).  The Chevrolet Volt is ahead of schedule!  At Art Gamblin Motors we are so excited with the upcoming Volt.

New pictures of the vehicle were released and it is nice to see it in a different color.  In my previous blog I was disappointed that in Transformers 2 that the Volt did not play a bigger role in the movie so you could see what it looks like.

There is so my hype around the Chevy Volt as this savior car to save General Motors.  Well it definitely is not going to save the company in the finance department as analysts are anticipating that the Volt will not be profitable until year 4 of its production.

What the Volt has done for General Motors is put it on the map as the leader in Electric Vehicle production.  The Volt is anticipated to drive up to 40-miles on electricity and after 40 miles the gas engine will take over while recharging the lithium ion batteries.  It is still unclear what the EPA fuel mileage will be on the upcoming Volt.

I cannot wait to start seeing Volts on the road as we all cross our fingers  it delivers to its very high expectations.

Tyson Gamblin
Art Gamblin Motors
Enumclaw, WA

– Tyson Gamblin


1 Response to “Chevrolet Volt Early”

  1. 1 ahrcanum
    June 26, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    Too bad it is owned by us tax payers. We have to buy what we already own.

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