Coldplay 020

On Saturday July 11, 2009 I made the trek over to the Gorge Amphitheatre in Eastern Washington for the Coldplay concert. I bought tickets months ago for Andrew and myself. Those who made the journey over the mountains were myself, Sophia, Hillary, Andrew, TJ and Jordan. The concert started at 7 as it is always so difficult to pick a time when a band is going to be on stage. With no idea when doors opened or if the opening bands started at 7 we decided to get there early.

We drove over and stopped in Ellensburg for some dinner. Campus U Tote Em is one of the best burger and milkshake spots in town. To say it was warm that afternoon was an understatement. While driving we all watched the thermometer gauge crawling up as it was about 95 when we arrived at the Gorge.

It was the first time to the Gorge for everyone except Sophia and myself. It was a beautiful evening. We arrived just in time to get a nice stretch of lawn on the upper part of the lawn. As the sun was setting everyone waited patiently for Coldplay to come out.

It was a fabulous show! The band set up 2 mini stages on the left and right sections of the reserved seating area. Some of the highlights of the show was when the band sang Yellow and they had giant yellow balls flying throughout the crowd. They also did a cover of Billie Jean in tribute to Michael Jackson.

One of the coolest parts of the show was the stage and the use of these 4 giant balls. They would be spinning above the band and have writing on them, then they would change the effects and have them project pictures and even just change random colors.

Coldplay as on stage for about 2 hours and played a good range of old music and new! We had a great time and I definitely recommend seeing Coldplay live!


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