2007 Chevrolet Corvette

Art Gamblin Motors just got a rare beauty in its inventory the other day.  This 2007 Chevrolet Corvette only has 2,200 miles.  My father, Alan Gamblin, was so excited about it that he decided he wanted to make a video of himself talking about it.  Attention all Gamblin Family:  Alan Gamblin is on youtube now!  I must say that my dad put his experience in the “Happy Hands Club” in high school to good use in the video.  He did the video in one take.  As much as I want to make fun of my dad for his use of talking with his hands he did a pretty good for his first youtube video.

I of course got to drive the Corvette convertible, I would not be blogging about it if I did not get the chance.  The car was a blast to drive.  Here in the state of Washington we are having the most unusual of weather and have not seen rain for weeks upon weeks.  With the top down, open country roads at the base of Mt Rainier in a sunny Enumclaw, Washington you could not ask for a better scene to really cruise.

The one thing that I still marvel about the Corvette is its handling and suspension.  The ability to sink in corners and push the car down instead out, it is a feeling you will never forget when you are pulling G’s in the corner.  One of my favorite parts of this car was the Heads Up Display and it had a G meter so you could see how big the G’s where when accelerating and cornering.

I will be honest I did not really drive the car to hard as it is the dealerships and a future Corvette owners.  I could not let a car like this go to waste and not write about it.


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