Finally My Home!

Getting our keys and preparing to move in

Getting our keys and preparing to move in

We finally got our house.  After months and months of wishing and hoping the dream finally came through today!  We officially closed on our house.  I will now live at 270 Bongard Ave E.  At least it is short for me to remember.  The house buying process started about 9 months ago for Sophia and I.  I have to thank my real estate agent Lisa Williams with John L Scott Reality for being persistent and always quick to help me.  You have to understand the story of why this home is so special to me as this is the 3rd house that I have bought in 9 months.  Let me explain: It all started in January with a new subdivision going into town by NW Home Tours.  The subdivision was the remaining lots in Elk Meadows from Cambria Homes.

With great pricing and beautiful home designs building my own home seemed to good to be true.  Well it was to good to be true.  It seemed one thing after another seemed to go wrong with my first experience building my home.  It all started with cancelled builder meetings, building plans that were not approved by the city, re-engineered plans that I had to pay for and a builder who lost his financing.  After 3 months of nothing to show for but a lot of emails, paperwork and meetings I was no where closer to being in my house.  But in that 3 months span my life had drastically changed as I took Sophia one afternoon to the site where I was suppose to build my first home and asked her to marry me.

Sophia when I proposed at our future home

Sophia when I proposed at our future home

After builder #1 had lost financing and I was re-assured that builder #2 from the development would honor my current contract and everything would be fine.  I felt comfortable that things where heading in the right direction.  Not to soon after I was back re-negotiating price as the conrtact that I thought would be honored was no longered honor.  So with a price increase things were all back to the beginning.  Soon to come was the approval from the city of the house, days went by, weeks went by and soon months.  Still no approval of house plans to be built.  6+ months of negotiating, signing contracts and agreements we were still no where close to build.  Everything happens for a reason we have come to say!

A house already built in the neighborhood of Elk Meadows price lowered to where it was in my range.  So after deep thought about what to do and not receiving plans that were supposed to be delivered to us weeks prior it was time to move on and decide that building was not the way I was suppose to head.  Of course with my luck this house would come with its own set of challenges.  It was a short sale.  We had to postpone the auction date of the house 2 times to make this work.

During the loan application process I think I signed the rights away to my first unborn son and also my daughter.  The paperwork was never ending.  So after months of waiting and getting excited is now over.  Moving in day is here (well till after the wedding).  The best part of all this is now when Sophia and I walk in our neighborhood we can point to a neighbors house and say hey we got engaged there, hopefully they will let us have dinner their on our anniversary.


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  1. 1 Melissa
    February 10, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    Hi there,

    I am so sorry to bother you, but I had some questions on your new home purchase, and your experience with NW Home Tours….I may be buying a new home from them, and would like some honest feedback…care to help?

    Thank you so much!

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