House Painting

Sophia Testing Paint Coloros

Sophia Testing Paint Colors

We are back from our honeymoon and life has not slowed down for Sophia and I.  Our first major task is preparing our new home before we move in.  Although our house is in great condition we wanted to do two things before we started piling our stuff into the house.  1. Paint and 2. Clean the Carpets.

I first told Sophia when she got the color wheel that I did not car and for her to just pick out 3 colors that she liked and I would decide from there.  I should have known better.  I of course went against what I said and started having an opinion.  I really had no idea I cared about colors.  Choosing paint colors is hard!  Everyone else when they are painting make it look so easy.  I was prepared to just walk in the pain store get a couple buckets of paint and go on my little way.

I would definitely say that deciding between a shade of tan vs a shade of tan with a hint of green in it is very stressful.  Most people just have a few color options when decide to put colors on the wall.  Our house right now looks ridiculous with lines all over the walls.  We have over 10 I believe and Sophia knows each one by name, she is very impressive.

We finally today decided on our colors and our scheme.   Now with that done we will begin to paint shortly.  We will be moving in shortly, fingers crossed.


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  1. September 11, 2009 at 1:35 AM

    House painting would definitely make your house look fresh and elegant when you have a perfect paint for it. Color combination is also essential when you want to re-paint your walls and structures. These would add colors and shades to look more beautiful and attractive.

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