Tornado in Enumclaw… Seriously

This is the video I took from my parents house as the Tornado rolled through Enumclaw on Sunday September 6, 2009. It came from the Southwest. The Tornado touched down at GE&B Nursey on 400th street and came along up the hill to our house. It snapped 3 to 4 trees on our property, threw our lawn furniture around and even picked up a potted plant. We were all safe but as the wind came swooping through we all sort of stopped and looked at the window as trees where bending in half from the wind. Debris was all in the air. By the time we realized it could possibly be a Tornado it passed. I grabbed my camera and started shooting some video.  The video is the Tornado coming down the hill over  HWY 169 by the Black Diamond and Enumclaw bridge. It went towards the foothills of the cascades and slowly disappeared.  It took tons of trees out on Franklin Road in Enumclaw.

I have been through an earthquake and tornado. I guess that is enough for me, I do not want to mess with mother nature anymore.

Alan Gamblin is interviewd by Kiro7 News about the Tornado Click Here for Video


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