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Football Played In The Mud

10-16-09 Andrew vs Bonney lake

Hornets improve to 6-1. Friday night did not start out the way Hornet fans anticipated.  The week preparing for Bonney Lake the weather did not always cooperate.  On Tuesday a huge rain storm came rolling into Enumclaw causing I guess you would describe as flash floods on the streets.

We were anticipating rain for Friday nights contest but were not expecting the inch of rain in 1 hour like we got.  The rain really started to fall about 20 minutes prior kick off and by the opening kick off it had turned Pete’s Field in a huge mud pit.

The Hornets kicked off and watched BL return the opening kick off for 6 points.  Everything that could go wrong in the first quarter it seemed to for the Hornets as they quickly fell behind 20 to 0.  The Hornets kept their composure and rallied back to score 33 unanswered.

The Hornet offense produced close to 500 total yards and the Hornet Defense really put the clamps down on the Panthers from Bonney Lake.  The Panther offense had roughly 75 passing yards and 85 rushing.  The Defense forced 3 turnovers.  My brother Andrew had a successful night as he rushed for over 165 yards on 26 carries.

The win set up an exciting match up this coming week as the Hornets take on Peninsula for a battle of 2nd place and home field advantage week 1 into the state playoffs.

Andrew Gamblin EHS


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Buick Regal

2011 Buick Regal

2011 Buick Regal (01)

The new Regal is expected to come out next year as a 2011 model and to be smaller than the new Lacrosse, although GM hasn’t released those details yet beyond calling the new Regal “the next member of the Buick family.”  I am excited to have the Regal back.  Believe it or not one of my favorite cars I have had as a demo was a 2001 Buick Regal GS.  I loved that car, it was quite, comfortable, decent gas mileage and the V6 had a little zip which made it fun to drive.

The Buick Regal is already in production in China and is one of Buick’s most popular lines in China, where it’s marketed with heavy emphasis on its sporty qualities.  In China, the Regal is powered by a 144-hp 2.0L four-cylinder, a 167-hp 1.4L four-cylinder and a new, 217-hp 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The same Regal can be found in Europe where it is also offered with several smaller gasoline engines as well as a 260-hp 2.8L turbocharged V-6.  It is also offers a high-performance AWD with a tuned-up 325-hp turbocharged 2.8L V-6.  Personally I would love to see the Regal get a 2.8L V6 Turbo Charged with AWD, that would be one heck of a sporty car.  I wish more cars came with AWD option… hmmmm Pontiac G8 GT!

Those who know their car history know that the Regal had a long and storied history with Buick, peaking as the giant-slaying Regal GNX in 1987 before dieing out in the early 2000s. Despite the half-dozen-year absence from the market, GM says the Regal is still one of the top names that consumers associate with Buick, so it’s coming back.

It is the continuous battle between GM when creating names.  Do not get me started on the colors, I am convinced that one person is paid  to just sit in a room and name the different colors that vehicles can come in.  There is just no blue or gold, it is either midnight blue, blue metallic, pewter, gold mist, etc.  Like the colors GM is always trying to freshen up generic things such as the nameplates of its cars.  So the brilliant idea is to bring back a name that they discontinued years before.  I love the Regal but I feel like that all new cars should come with a new name.  There is a reason why you discontinued a nameplate, it is because it was not making money and not selling.  I got a better idea how about stop discontinuing names and just stick with one name and have it forever.  Seems to work for other manufacturers.

Besides my tirade on finding a new name for the Buick Regal, I love the looks of the car and cannot wait till the Regal and Lacrosse are both on Buick showrooms.

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Enumclaw High School Homecoming 2009

The Kings

The Kings

Here are some pictures of Andrew and his group for his Senior Homecoming.  Heck yes we took pictures with our crowns, have to represent!


Enumclaw Homecoming Parade and Game

Nothing is better in Enumclaw than Friday of Homecoming week.  This is where Cole Street closes down and everyone crowds the street for the Homecoming parade.  This was my first EHS Homecoming parade in 7 years.  The parade has grown over the years.  It originally was where the Homecoming royalty road in the back of trucks and each class put together a float, along with the 25 year anniversary class.

This year included floats from all 4 classes and both junior highs.  The junior football programs the Enumclaw Junior Hornets and also Enumclaw Wolverines had floats.  This was the opportunity for a lot of different clubs and sport teams to show school pride by putting together floats.

As I have always said Homecoming is not complete with out a football win.  Pete’s Pool in Enumclaw was packed Friday night and we were blessed with another night of great weather.  The Hornets jumped out earlier vs Auburn Mt View forcing a 3 and out and blocking the ensuing punt.  The first play from offense was a touchdown run.  The Hornet defense was a dominating force in the first half allowing on 2 first downs and forcing the Lions to punt deep in their own territory creating great field position for the Hornet Offense.  At halftime the Hornets where up 26 to 0.  The second half played out much like the first with the Hornets taking their first possession and scoring.  The final score for the 2009 Enumclaw High School Homecoming game was 33 to 0.

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2 Kings and No Queens

My little brother Andrew Gamblin is a senior at Enumclaw High School. He was nominated by his peers to be on Homecoming Court. EHS has a unique way in crowning its King and Queen. The school brings in a panel of judges, the 5 senior boys and girls have a sit down dinner with the judges. After dinner they come into the gym and walk down an aisle while their biographies are being read. As there biography comes to a close they are asked a question. Yes this is like a full on beauty pageant. Andrew carries on the tradition, well not much of one as I was Homecoming as well. My mom said, “2 Kings and No Queens.” My sisters did not win Homecoming Queen. Here is Andrew’s biography that was read at the ceremony. Thank you to Hillary for posting it on her blog so I could steal it!

Amongst the frantic and worried doctors and nurses, Andrew Gamblin barely made it into the world on December 9th 1991. The miracle baby joined the Gamblin family as the youngest of five children. And while he proved to be the easiest baby out of his five siblings, he also was the homeliest with his bald head, big ears and wrinkled face. He also had the nasty habit of drooling uncontrollably; even for a child he possessed minimal control over his saliva. An-drool – as his family calls him – still shows signs of his condition today if you get him to laugh hard enough.
Andrew’s sweet disposition as a baby continued as he grew older. His mother refers to him as her most tender hearted child because Andrew shows empathetic kindness towards others around him. Because of his kindness he was doted on by his elder siblings, teachers and friends who thought, and still think, he is the “sweetest boy”.
Family members and friends do not only love Andrew for his sweetness, but for his unique conversation skills. Andrew acquired the nick name “Captain Random” for his off-topic comments and his ability to continue conversations even when no one is listening. One of our family’s favorite stories is how while vacationing in Hawaii, he interrupted the lunch conversation to say “Mom ask me what my favorite part of Ocean’s Eleven is.” The table curiously looked at him and his mother indulged him by asking and he quickly replied “I don’t know. Let me think about it”.
Besides his peculiar conversations, Andrew also possesses a unique athletic talent which he likes to refer to “stupid human tricks”. Andrew’s body is similar to a contortionist: he can wrap his body into awkward positions and has several double jointed body parts. He dubbed his moves names such as the “sling shot”, the “barrel roll” and the “Barbie”. Andrew’s keen sense of business and opportunity led him to perform these tricks at his brothers sporting events and charge viewers a dollar.
Andrew’s body also naturally developed more quickly than his friends. He came home one afternoon in sixth grade and told his mother with pride that he was the “only sixth grader with muscles”. Thus began Andrew’s life long love affair with his body. As a sixth grader he gloried in the fact that he had a six pack. His family still sees him looking in the mirror and flexing with satisfaction.
With such a muscular body, Andrew has found a knack for playing sports. He comes from a genetic gene pool of outstanding athletes and is the third generation of Enumclaw High school sports. In his high school career he has played football, basketball and run track. Some of his greatest friendships have been formed on summer leagues and Wolverine football. His teammates enjoy the talent he brings to his team as well as his leadership skills on and off the pitch and court.
Andrew has always been an example to his peers through his kindness towards everyone, work ethic and high standards. Andrew’s upbringing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taught him to abstain from things that could be harmful to him and those around him. Through his church he has also participated in numerous service projects – culminating into hundreds of hours of service. He is even an Eagle Scout – for his Eagle Scout Project he worked with the City of Enumclaw in furnishing apartments for transitional housing.

Here are some pictures from the evening:


2011 Chevrolet Caprice

Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle

A few months ago Bob Lutz from General Motors made the mistake when asked if the Pontiac G8 where to be part of the Chevrolet stable he announced that they would be making a Chevrolet Caprice.  The buzz around car forums was electric as one of GM’s most popular cars in the past few years (the Pontiac G8) would be making a comeback as a Chevrolet.  Following Lutz’s remarks he was quickly shut down by GM CEO Fritz Henderson.  So the hope for a Pontiac G8 return was quickly shut down.

Yesterday Chevrolet announced that the Chevrolet Caprice will be making a return but not for you or me but for the boys in blue.  Yes the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice is a police vehicle.  After I first saw the pictures of the car I was impressed but it did not look like the Pontiac G8.  Let me just refresh you on the Pontiac G8.  The Pontiac G8 was really the Australian built Holden Commodore.  Once Pontiac announced its doors and factory lines would come to an end so did the Pontiac G8.  The RWD Australian product was just catching on with American consumers and it sales numbers in 2009 where the highest they had ever been.  So I have been waiting anxiously to see if GM or Chevrolet would make a move with Holden and bring back the Commodore and rebadge it as a Impala.

Now we have a Chevrolet Caprice but is not a Holden Commodore but is on the Zeta platform.  The Zeta platform is the same as the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.  In the middle east they have a Chevrolet Caprice already and is on the Zeta-platform.  There also currently is the Holden Caprice.  In the middle east the Chevrolet Caprice won a couple of awards in the luxury car segement.  Chevy claims, “it is indisputable that the Chevrolet Caprice is indeed one of the world’s best large luxury sedans.”  The talk is that the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice will be built in the Oshawa, Ontario plant in Canada (same plant as the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro).

2009 Chevrolet Caprice

The 2011 Caprice will come loaded with a 6.0L V8 Engine, which offers fuel-saving technology like Active Fuel Management and E85 capability, produces 355-hp with a maximum torque of 384 lb-ft. Mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, the Chevrolet Caprice can go 0 to 60 mph in the sub 6-second range.

So the question I am left pondering will the 2011 Chevrolet Caprice make it to dealership floors?  I hope so.  The designs out of Holden in Australia are awesome!

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Hornets 48 – Clover Park 20

The Hornets this past Friday night had their first real big win.   The Hornets the past season and half have not won a game over 10 points.  I guess the players just like to keep things close.  This however is not enjoyable for the coaches and parents as to many games have come down to the wire causing much anxiety.  I guess you can call this a break out game for this years group.  The Hornets are now 4-1 and 3-1 in the South Puget Sound League (SPSL 3A).

The Hornet Offense was unstoppable friday night at Harry Lang Stadium in Tacoma, Washington.  The Enumclaw Hornet offense put up 540+ yards of total offense.  It was a balanced attack via air and the ground for the EHS Hornets.  Riley Carel passed for 266 yards and completed 15 of 21 attempts with an average of over 17 yard per reception.  The most impressive  stat for Riley, he threw for a school record 5 touchdown passes.  The previous record was 4 held by either Coach Patterson or Coach Thomas.  Coleman Clyde the receiver for the Hornets set a school record in his own right by catching 4 TD passes and putting up 26 points.  Yes I know my math a touchdown is worth 6 points but Coleman did also catch a 2 point conversion.  I made sure Coleman knew that my record of 5 touchdowns and 30 points in a game was still unbroken.

The Hornet Defense caused 4 turnovers in the game and helped the Hornet offense with good field position throughout the game.

This next week the Enumclaw High School Hornets will be home against Auburn Mt View for homecoming.  It was Clover Park’s homecoming ton Friday and it was exciting and sad as the fans from Enumclaw out numbered the home team.  With the Hornets 4-1 and with 4 games remaining in the season 3 of which are home it should be a lot of fun to see Enumclaw fans pack Pete’s Field.

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