Enumclaw Funnel Cloud

Funnel Cloud Enumclaw Washington

Funnel Cloud Enumclaw Washington (2)

Funnel Cloud Enumclaw Washington (3)

I do not know what it is with my luck with random weather this year.  I feel like people might think I am some serious storm chaser or no some thing about .  It happens to be I am just in the right spot at the right time.  Alright, I will admit I do watch the Discovery Channel Storm Chasers now and then, so I do consider myself an expert.

While at the dealership (Art Gamblin Motors) I was standing in the showroom looking to the South East towards Buckley and Bonney Lake at a strange cloud.  A few co-workers and I started talking about it but it was to far away and we had a hard angle to really see if it was a funnel cloud or not.  As I got in my car and started driving home the cloud looked very similar to a funnel cloud.  After being through a Tornado already this year (see youtube video below) I have assumed that any type of weather can happen in Enumclaw.  So I drove out near Mt Peak and watched as the funnel cloud came over the White River and right on the south side of Mt Peak.  I took a couple pictures with my camera phone which to be honest I am very happy how they turned out.  I was sitting waiting patiently maybe to have it touch down, but I think it might have come close on the southside of Mt Peak.

So in 1 year I have seen a Tornado a funnel cloud all in Enumclaw, Washington.  What is next?  Please no lightning.


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