Where The Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are Movie

While coaching football it is very difficult to find time to hang out with Sophia.  With both of us working and coaching at the same time every time I get home I am to exhausted to do anything besides sit on the coach and watch television.  Not the best way to start your first few months of being married.  I am hoping after football that we start doing fun married couple things… we will see.

So the other week I told Sophia we are going on a date.  We decided that we wanted to go see a movie.  When we both saw the preview for Where the Wild Things Are we were so excited as this was a favorite book of ours growing up.  I liked it even more because the theme song during the preview was from one of my favorite bands The Arcade Fire.

So here is my lame attempt of a review.  There are some movies that you go away saying to yourself  I want to see that again and yes I will pay $9 (plus another ticket then add the popcorn you are $25).  Then there are the movie experiences where you are indifferent you are trying to find a reason to love it and then at the same time you are trying to find a reason why you didn’t like it.  You know what type of movies these are when  someone asks you,  “so how was the movie?”  Your response consists of a shoulder shrug a sigh and something like it was alright.  You try to explain what you didn’t like first and then what you liked second.  The other type of movies are the rare cases of a movie where you walk out thinking to yourself how in the world did that film get financing to be even considered a movie.  The movies I can not stand are the ones where you walk out thinking to yourself that was an amazing movie with a great storyline, acting was wonderful but the ending or there was just one scene that ruined the whole movie.

As you can see I am avoiding the point of my official review of Where the Wild Things Are.  Should you go and see it in the theaters and pay the $25?  As Sophia would say, save the $25 and use that $25 to see Twilight a second or which will be in her case a third time.  I would not recommend going to see Where the Wild Things Are in the theaters it is worth using Netflix.  Here are the pros and cons of the movie.  The costumes I thought were great, I thought colors and scenery where great.  The music in my opinion carried the storyline through out the movie and made it fun to see giant furry costumes jumping on each other.

After the movie Sophia and I were discussing if the movie followed the book exactly as we had not read the book in forever.  So we called Sophia’s mom and had her read the book to us while we drove home.  After a few minutes of listening to the book I realize that it was a big stretch to make this into a full length film.  So here is my criticisms of the movie the plot was missing something.  I do not know what exactly what it was missing but it just missed that excitement or that attachment issue.  The costumes were great, the characters were fun but that was about it.  I just felt like it was a fun movie with big furry giant creatures and a little boy running around with not much depth.

As you can see this is one of those movies where I shrug my shoulders while trying to find a reason to love the movie and also trying to find a reason not to hate it.  I knew going into this that I would not be very concrete in my review.  I can only tell you this the movie is not worth going to see in the theaters save the money and take your wife, girlfriend or sister to Twilight.

Where The Wild Things Are


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