GM Billboard Advertisements

Check out these billboard advertisements that General Motors has put up around the city of Detroit, Michigan.

They Don't Write Songs About Volvos

We gave it wings and it flew

In this town body work doesn't mean plastic surgery

the original american idol

It was the roar of the engine not the ring of your cell phone

proof that your parents where actually cool once

not everyone wants a bud vase on the dash

will people ever line the street to look at what you drove?

Remember when your cup holder sat next to you and wore a poodle skirt?
The grandaddy of bling

what would you expect with a city of a statue of a fist?

Other cities have art fairs

When cool was measured in cubic inches
One 50 year old that looks good with a spare tire
It ran on gasoline but still was eletric

Remember the wind blowing through your hair? Remember Hair?

Our DNA can beat your DNA

It came in 17 colors red white and blue

When heads did the spinning and rims stood still
All Rise

Love those pistons
As a matter of fact I do own the road
The only carbs you cared about where under the hood


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