Mustache Phase 2

Tyson Gamblin Mustache

Since growing my mustache Sophia has not been very supportive.  Let me tell you what the mustache has done for me it has given me super human like powers.  I am able to run farther, jump higher and win stare downs.  It has also given me instant street credit, what credit that is I am not sure but I am sure people get jealous of my mad mustache growing skills.

Just a few notes out there for some of the folks the mustache has not grown long enough where it touches my lower lip which causes me to lick my upper lip.  Also, I was at the Enumclaw High School and I was not asked to leave I guess the mustche is not thick enough yet.  I do not get food stuck in it…. yet, haha.

Here are some other mustaches that I aspire to be like

Brad Pitt Mustache

Brad Pitt Mustache

Borat Mustache

Borat "I like very much"

Tom Selleck Mustache

Some of you may wondering how does Tyson grow such an amazing mustache.  Well it has taken years of practice.  Here is a little video I found of a guy on youtube growing his mustache.  Pretty cool.  Can’t wait for to show you all phase 3 of the mustache.


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