It is a Christmas Miracle

Sophia and Zolie

It has only been a little over a month since the passing of our beloved yellow lab Tinkerbell before we got another dog in the Gamblin home.  We had always wanted another dog but Tinkerbell being the way she is would have not done well with giving attention to someone else (Tink was a jealous dog).

This puppy started 5 years ago when our family made the quest to Eastern Europe to pick my sister Rebekah up from her LDS mission in Hungary.  That is where we were first introduced to Hungarian Vizsla’s.  The best way I can describe a vizsla is a chocolate lab and weimaraner mix.

My dad over the past couple of years has dragged my mom along to dog shows.  Yes my dad has gone to dog shows just to look at Hungarian Vizsla’s.  This Christmas with all us kids home it was Rebekah that put in my mom’s head that getting a puppy for my dad would be a great Christmas present.  We had done this before, getting an animal for my dad for Christmas.  We got my dad a beautiful blue point Siamese cat that we named FU (pronounced Foo and yes, spelt F.U.).  He was excited but quickly said, “I wish you would have talked to me first.”

Jeri holding Zolie before Alan comes home

So just before Christmas my family made a trip up to Blaine, Washington to get our Hungarian Vizsla puppy.  We brought him back to his new home.  We surprised my dad and this time he did not say I wish you talked to me first it was, “these dogs are a lot of work.”  Vizsla’s love attention and they have a lot of energy.  They demand a lot of human contact and are very smart dogs that like to be challenged.   With Andrew leaving for college within the next year my parents will be empty nesters not quite because Zolie will keep them company.

Best Christmas Present Ever

This is considered a Christmas miracle because Vizsla are considered indoor dogs and this is a big step for my parents as Zolie is going to be an inside dog.  With his short hair he only sheds 2 times a year and also he does not stink up a whole house like a long hair dog can.

Click Here to go the breeders website where we got Zolie


3 Responses to “It is a Christmas Miracle”

  1. December 29, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    We have a 5 year old Vizsla that is the lover of our lives. You will have many happy years with your beautiful red dog.

  2. December 29, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    congrats on your bundle of joy! Vizsla’s are not just a dog they are a lifestyle…..may your new lifestyle be filled with love, good health & happiness!

  3. 3 Gilly P
    January 29, 2011 at 5:26 PM

    Hi there
    I came across your blog post searching for Vizsla & Blaine. We live in White Rock BC and are searching for one of these red-heads and wonder if you have any contact info for the breeder still – the website posted is no longer working. If you have any comments on the breeder, that would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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