Job Relocation, Change Or Whatever You Want To Call It

So it has been an interesting week for me as I have finally made the transition from the Internet Department to the actual sales floor.  In the car business we call the act of selling the sales floor, I really don’t know why the term if called floor when reality the better term would be is lot.  The sales lot.

This transition has been  years in the making but due to the rapid growth with the Internet and learning new concepts and techniques of manipulating websites for Search Engine Optimization it has been very difficult for me to lose my post in the Internet Department.  We have made some giant strides the past couple of years and months in the Internet Department and finally got things under control with a solid game plan of how we are going to attack things for the next couple of months to a year.  No point of having a strategy when there is not a goal or objective in place.

So this week I moved my office from our Main Store location to our Truck Center.  It sometimes is funny how many people in our town and even my own friends don’t understand the lingo of the truck center and the main store.  People in Enumclaw label it this way, the one across the street from Safeway or the new one when referencing the Truck Center (the Truck Center is over 10 years old).  Now the Main Store is called the old store or the the one next to Mazatlan.

So if you ever want to come see me, I am at the Truck Center and this is what I aspire to look like.

Car Salesman

Your Local Car Salesman


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