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As Sophia and I drove off from our reception in a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette we embarked on our honeymoon.  We drove up to Bellevue for the night and sayed at the Westin Hotel which is right across the street from Bell Square Mall.  Our family packed us a basket full of food and of course which included the yummy cake from the reception.  When we checked into our hotel room we were exhausted and hungry!

Saturday morning although we tried to sleep in our bodies were so used to waking up early and being ready for the day.  We ate breakfast at a little cafe in Bellevue that we both strongly recommend “Gilbert’s on Main.”  After our breakfast it was off to Coeur d’ Alene Resort in Idaho.  At the Westin the night before Sophia told the hotel staff it was our honeymoon and they upgraded our room for free.  So she continued to share with everyone when we came into contact that it was our honeymoon anticipating anything free.  As we drove across the state it was nice to be in the car with Sophia and just talk about things at the wedding.

We arrived at the Coeur d’ Alene resort with a list of things we wanted to do: Silverwood Theme Park, go for a hike, para sailing, rent jet ski’s, lay by the pool and most importantly get our couples massage at the hotel spa (Sophia’s #1 priority).

We have heard from friends who have just recently went on honeymoons that you end of getting bored and you want to be around people you know.  That was not the case for us.  All the plans we had we threw out the window (besides the massage of course, Sophia was not going to miss that) and we just stayed in our room, rented movies from the hotel, ordered room service and slept and slept.  I think I gained seriously 10 pounds.  I think we averaged about 2 hours a day outside our hotel room, we went shopping in downtown Coeur d’ Alene and walked through the park but that was about it.

After 3 days of sleeping, eating and watching tv we drove to Jeff and Julie Iunker’s Cabin which was on the East side of the lake by Harrison.  The weather was not very cooperative as it was overcast and raining.  This was a great opportunity for me to start reading New Moon the 2nd book in the Twilight series.  I liked it a lot better then the first one and I read it in 24 hours.  Sophia was very impressed!  One thing you must know about my wife Sophia is that she loves Twilight!

While at the Iunker’s we went out to dinner and drove the boat across the lake to Black Rock Marina to Shooters.  Shooters is one my favorite places to eat as it is directly across the lake from the Iunker’s Cabin.  It is always fun to ride in a boat to dinner compared to driving a car.  After our 1 night stay with the Iuners it was back to real life.  We drove back across the state and I went back to work at Art Gamblin Motors and Sophia at the Enumclaw Hospital.

We wish we could go back to our honeymoon!  Wish it was longer 🙂


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