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Visiting the Wards in Salem, Oregon

Sophia and I had the opportunity last weekend to go down to Salem, Oregon and visit Ryan and Megan Ward. It is always fun to visit the land of no sales tax and where you can not pump your own gas.

It was an eventful weekend. We drove down in a 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. It was my first time behind the wheel in the new Tahoe Hybrid which was a lot of fun to watch the navigation screen flip from gas mode, hybrid mode, battery charging. We got stuck in traffic on our way south on Interstate 5 in Tacoma. By the time I was in Olympia (55 miles) in stop in go traffic I was averaging 25 MPG! After traffic cleared and I was going about 75 my MPG slowly went down. Overall, I drove to Salem, Oregon and back on a tank of gas and put almost 500 miles where I averaged just under 22 MPG hwy.

When visiting the Ward’s you have to be prepared to eat and eat a lot. Staying with Ryan and Megan in their new beautiful home was a blast. When we arrived into Sale late Friday night we caught the last of Ryan’s softball game. It was the first baseball field I have ever gone to in my life where they did not allow any outside food or drink. I am boycotting any game ever played at the Wallace Park Baseball Complex! I had to eat my Dairy Queen blizzard in the car 😦

I woke up Saturday morning to Ryan outside weeding his yard! The day was filled with lots of fun with visiting and hanging out with Ward Family and visiting local Salem sites.

The best part of our trip was when we visited Ryan’s work. Ryan works for Emery and Sons Construction which I must say does an incredible job of branding its name. Emery and Sons Construction is an industry leader for underground utilities and site-work of all scopes and sizes. From subdivisions to pump stations to major infrastructure projects. Ryan is a Project Manager. Emery and Sons Construction have a really nice website and they even have a blog blog needs updating). I was like a kid in a candy store asking Ryan what he does and having him show me his office. I walked away with a new appreciation for Emery and Sons Construction. Of course I took some pictures of the event, it was like the first day of school!

That afternoon we went to the Salem, Oregon Beat Festival. The Beat Festiva is a 2 day event full of music, food, crafts from all over the world! (To be honest when I was there I did not know what the festival was really about, I just found it on the Beat Festival website).  They do accept donations!

On our way home from Oregon Sophia and I took advantage of the no sales tax at the Woodburn Outlet Malls.  Sophia got a really nice Helley Hansen jacket (bright pink).  It definitely was fun filled weekend visiting the Wards!


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