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Enumclaw Football Car Wash 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This will mark the 2nd year where I am not coaching High School Football.  It kills me as I love being out on the field with the players and coaches.  I want to stay involved and due to my work obligations it is to tough for me to make it out to practice every day.  I am not on the Enumclaw Football Foundation Board.  It has been a lot of fun being on the board for this 2012 season.  It is crazy to think it has been 10 years since I put on a Hornet Football uniform, feel pretty old here.

Football has really changed in Enumclaw since 10 years ago.  We have a booster club, summer football camp and 7 on 7’s.  The kids are asked to do a lot and one of the things the Foundation puts on is the annual car wash.  The players are giving cards to pre-sale.  For whatever the kid sells goes directly to his fund for camp.  If the player sells $300 worth of tickets that money goes directly to his summer football camp fund.

For the 2012 car wash we had perfect weather.  The cars kept on coming and coming.  We don’t keep a direct count of all the vehicles we wash because it is a lot but we probably wash about 400 cars in a day.  With our great location at Gamblin Motors Truck Center it is a great place to have a car wash.  We added  a twist to the car wash this year.  We wanted to get the cheerleaders involved.  After people got their car washed the cheerleaders asked them if they would be interested in test driving a vehicle.  Gamblin Motors worked with the cheerleaders for every test drive they got Gamblin Motors would donate to their booster club.

Enumclaw Football Car Wash

Tyson Gamblin Soliciting Test Drives


Enumclaw Bike Race

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I have lived in Enumclaw my whole life.  How many Enumclaw Stage Races have I been too?  ZERO.  Until this past weekend I have never been to the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race.  I definitely have been missing out.  What a really cool event.

The stage race is broken down into 3 events.  Time Trial, Crit and Road Race.  This is a 2 day event running from Saturday to Sunday.  On Saturday the morning starts off with the Time Trial and then in the afternoon and evening is the Crit race.  If you are thinking about watching any type of bike race the Crit is the bike race worth seeing.  On Sunday the final event of the stage race is the grueling road race. Unfortunately for this year Saturday the weather was perfect and on Sunday well it was not so good!

If there is anything I walked away from this event is how the city of Enumclaw and residents need to embrace this event.  I am hear to say that I don’t know anything about bike racing and it is not something that I DVR or record to watch later  on tv.  The Crit race is highly entertaining and fun to watch and you don’t even need to be a bike racing fan.

What is interesting is how I even got involved with the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race.  It started with a simple tweet.  I have had a love hate relationship with twitter.  (Message me on twitter @tysongamblin)  Well I have really picked up my activity in twitter since April.  I have made some great connections and one of them is Mutual of Enumclaw (Message Mutual of Enumclaw on twitter @enumclawinsgrp).  They were tweeting about the Bike Race coming up.  I mention that Gamblin Motors would be interested getting involved maybe have a pace car (twitter handle: @gamblinmotors) *If you want to see more pictures check out Gamblin Motors twitter feed during the bike race some fun stuff.

Next thing later a phone call and a corvette rolling off the showroom floor and off the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race.

Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race Pace Car

The Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race Pace Car

All through twitter I made the connection to get involved with an amazing event.  Everyone kept on asking me what does moesr and the hashtag mean.  People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords or phrases (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search.  So the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race (MOESR) social media team decided to track all the buzz about the event through twitter.

This was my first Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race and it for sure will not be my last and I look forward to attending more races in the future.  I know in a few years my little girl is going to take that first place ribbon in the 4 year old and younger bike race (She will be the fastest to the stop sign and back).



Well, well, well, it has been a while since I have been able to blog.  Well this is not going to be much of a blog post as it will answer where the heck I have been.  I had a job change at work and it has consumed my life much to the dismay to my beautiful wife Sophia!  I have been spending long hours at the dealership (Art Gamblin Motors).  It has involved me changing or trying to change my sleeping habits as I try to get to work before 7:00 AM.  Some people like Sophia have to be at work at 4:00AM, but me being at work before 7:00AM is tough for me!

So, what am I doing now, well I am buying used cars.  It has been a lot of fun thus far but very stressful.  I am searching auction run lists and trying to buy cars with low day supply so they sell quickly.  Football is starting up again and Spring ball is just around the corner.  I am excited to be coaching again this year.  Sophia is still working at the hospital in Enumclaw and things seem to be going great, the Hospital is trying to become certified to have its own nursing school for employees who are trying to get their RN.  This is a huge blessing as Sophia has been applying for Nursing schools.

Well I guess that is the update, I am going to be back with more especially with the new Buick Regal hitting dealership lots and also the rumors surrounding a GM and Google project!


Mustache Phase 1

My Awesome Mustache!

So I have decided that I am going to grow a mustache.  I have been working in the Internet Department at Art Gamblin Motors for the past 2 years.  I have been sitting behind a desk working and in front of a computer.  So in efforts to prepare myself to go on the sales floor at the Gamblin Motors Truck Center in Enumclaw I thought I would grow a mustache to look the part.  I will continue to blog about curent GM news as well sell vehicles.  I have gotten many complaints already of the mustache but I just think people are jealous because I can grow a mean mustache!  I will be giving weekly updates of the mustache over the next month so stay tuned!

Andy Sandberg Mustache

All Great Men Have A Mustache


Tornado in Enumclaw… Seriously

This is the video I took from my parents house as the Tornado rolled through Enumclaw on Sunday September 6, 2009. It came from the Southwest. The Tornado touched down at GE&B Nursey on 400th street and came along up the hill to our house. It snapped 3 to 4 trees on our property, threw our lawn furniture around and even picked up a potted plant. We were all safe but as the wind came swooping through we all sort of stopped and looked at the window as trees where bending in half from the wind. Debris was all in the air. By the time we realized it could possibly be a Tornado it passed. I grabbed my camera and started shooting some video.  The video is the Tornado coming down the hill over  HWY 169 by the Black Diamond and Enumclaw bridge. It went towards the foothills of the cascades and slowly disappeared.  It took tons of trees out on Franklin Road in Enumclaw.

I have been through an earthquake and tornado. I guess that is enough for me, I do not want to mess with mother nature anymore.

Alan Gamblin is interviewd by Kiro7 News about the Tornado Click Here for Video


Favorite Commercial

With Tivo/DVR commercials are not as viewed as they used to be. To be honest I enjoy a good commercial just as much the television show I am watching. Every time I decide to watch the commercials I have to watch a commercial that makes me uncomfortable i.e. female hygiene products and male enhancement. (I believe all these commercials should be banned) In college my roommates and I loved the commercials for fitness made simple with John Basedow. Although I never bought the product or none of us ever bought the product but the scary thing is we all would talk about it and still to this day we bring up John Basedow Fitness Celebrity.

Every Super Bowl the media goes crazy about how a premium 30 second ad costs. Everyone talks about how Budweiser does so well adding humor and creativity to their commercials. Not all commercials are made to sell a particular product but for branding purposes. One of the reasons why I decided to blog about commercials is because of the recent Dos Equis commercial about “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” When I saw this commercial I died laughing as I thought it was hilarious.

“He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels”

“He lives vicariously through himself”

“He is the most interesting man in the world”

“Stay thirsty my friends”

– Tyson Gamblin
Art Gamblin Motors
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Enumclaw High School Football Car Wash

The Enumclaw High School Football team had their second annual car wash at Art Gamblin Motors Truck Center in Enumclaw.   The car wash was in effort to raise money for the EHS Football players for their upcoming camp at University Puget Sound this summer.   Each player pre-sold tickets for $10 to help pay for their own way to the camp.  Every ticket a EHS Football player sold it went to his own balance towards camp.   We had a huge turn out of family, friends, neighbors, local community members and the occasional passer by who wanted their vehicle washed.

Having the car wash this year at Art Gamblin Motors Truck Center offered a great location for the car wash.   There were two car wash lines in front of the Gamblin Truck Center showroom with 4 stations.   The first station was the wet station where one of our football players operated a hose and got the vehicle wet.   The vehicle then rolled forward to station 2 where linebackers/quarterbacks/receiver/etc turned into a professional car washer.  After being washed the driver would pull up to station 3 which was the rinse station. Then the final station was the dry station.

Coaching did not stop for most the EHS Football coaches as you heard a constant theme, “start from the top and work your way down” or “you missed this spot.”

The car washed was broken down into 4 shifts.   The seniors washed cars from 8:00AM to 10:00AM followed by the Sophomores who washed cars from 10:00AM to 12:00PM.   The Juniors started the afternoon shift which was from 12:00PM to 2:00PM and the incoming freshman had their first taste of High School football by washing cars from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.   For pure numbers of who did the most, I think the Junior class pushed the most vehicles out.   For the best wash job, the incoming Freshman did the best job.

Overall it was a successful day.  The Football team projected that 250 vehicles where washed!  There was a steady flow of 8 vehicles being washed at once, next year we might have to go to 3 lanes.  The players raised over $4,000 to help to pay for their own way to camp!

It was great to see such a huge turn out and to see the support that Enumclaw has for Enumclaw Hornet Football.  I can not wait till the Fall when Hornets make another attempt at the playoffs.

Tyson Gamblin
Art Gamblin Motors
Enumclaw, WA 98022

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