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Gamblin Motors Open House

After six long months our remodel of our main facility at Gamblin Motors is all done.  Chevrolet has approached its dealer body across the country with a focus on re-branding.  One of the ways Chevrolet wants to change the perception and strengthen the overall brand is to create identifiable ques in the design of its facilities.  You will start seeing these giant blue entry elements with Chevrolet over the top.  Not only will you see this change in the facilities you will also see the change in the marketing. Chevrolet launched a marketing campaign in their commercials titled, “Under the Blue Arch.”

Gamblin Motors Chevrolet Blue Arch

Gamblin Motors Chevrolet Blue Arch

Last week we had an open house for the public to tour our re-modeled facility.  Not only did we add a nice blue archway, we painted all the interior walls and laid down new tile.  One of my favorite additions to the re-model is our covered service area. This allows our service customers to pull into a nice covered area.  It was great to have my sister Rebekah in town for the event and the cutest baby in the world Penelope.

Gamblin Motors Open House

The cutest greeter of all time

It is really nice to have all the construction workers gone and now we can focus on going back to work.  The new digs really adds a nice inviting atmosphere.  If you want to come out and take a look around just stop on in. We had a great showing of guests come through the doors for our event and we had a lot of fun showing off our new dealership.

Gamblin Motors Showroom


2010 Chevrolet Equinox

The new 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is here! I am so happy that Chevrolet decided to re-design the Equinox as this vehicle needed it the most to compete in the Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV). I love the new styling for the 2010 Chevy Equinox as it looks good and is not to over the top. The best part of the Chevrolet Equinox is that is affordable starting just below $22K.

What I was looking forward to most about the new Equinox was to see the new 2.4L 4-cylinder which gets 32-MPG HWY. That is about 600 miles on a tank of fuel. To get 600 miles on a tank of gas means only 5 fill ups before your next oil change.

I got to test drive my first Equinox the other day and it was an AWD Equinox with the LT2 trim package with power sunroof and chrome package. The best feature on the vehicle to me was the back up camera that comes up in the rear view mirror. After driving the Equinox I found it pleasantly quite and very sturdy when turning and maneuvering even on a parking lot.

Overall I am very impressed with the new Equinox as I see the 4-cylinder being sold the most. With the more equipment the price can jump up into the mid $30’s which I think is a little much for this car. But the LS and LT1 are a great value.

Things to ponder

What confuses me is that the 2.4L 4-cylinder in the Equinox gets 32 MPG HWY but the new 2010 Buick LaCrosse with the same engine only gets 30 MPG HWY, how that works I do not know.

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2010 Camaro

With GM being in the news so much lately it is hard to find something positive in the automotive industry. Well here at Art Gamblin Motors we have had the opportunity to sell 2 of the 2010 Camaro’s. It is the hottest car on the market. There so much demand but so limited supply as seeing one drive down the street stops traffic.
Since the movie Transformers America has been waiting for the new Camaro. I love the Camaro. Growing up my friends were obsessed with exotic cars such as the new Ferrari or Lamborghini. These sport cars would be plastered all over their bedroom walls. Myself I just wanted a 1969 Camaro SS/RS red with black racing stripes.
2003 was a sad year when it was the last year that Chevrolet would make the Camaro. But 2010 marks a new era for the American Muscle car. THE CAMARO IS BACK!
The first Camaro we got was the V6 engine. At first I was disappointed our first Camaro was not a big V8 but the V6 can handle its own. With its 3.6L V6 it pumps out 304 horsepower and gets a jaw dropping 29 MPG hwy.
The second Camaro we got was the RS/SS with 6.2L V8 engine with aftermarket wheels and tires. This car is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully you will get a chance to see it driving around the south Puget Sound area.

I created this youtube video but my music would not come through, so disappointed.

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