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For the past 14 years there has always been one constant thing when visiting the Gamblin Home… Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was our fun loving yellow lab who as we used to say would kill a robber by licking them to death. Our yellow lab was unique, special and part of the Gamblin Family. She was not only our dog but a dog that seemed to be loved by all. Our neighborhood all knew who Tinkerbell was. Tinkerbell spent most of her days not only at our home but on the porches and front door steps of neighbors. Neighbors who we had never met, but they knew Tinkerbell.

Age got the better end of our Tinkerbell. It is hard to talk about Tinkerbell as she spent her last days with us as she was not hearing or seeing well and it would be hard for her to get up to see you when you got home. But on a warm fall day Tinkerbell would chase a tennis ball and act like she was a puppy again which was always fun to see.

Many people have always asked me how did we decide on the name for Tinkerbell? When Tinkerbell was a puppy she used to get really excited and pee all over the place. (When Tink gets excited you better watch out her tail because it was deadly!)  Someone said that she tinkled tinkled in the garage. It also helped that we are huge Disney fans and Tinkerbell was a perfect fit.

So in this blog post I am going to share my top 10 favorite memories of our dog Tinkerbell

10. The first night we got Tinkerbell Hillary our animal lover of the family slept in the laundry room with Tinkerbell so Tink would not cry throughout the night.

9. Manure and cows. This would definitely be my mom’s lease favorite memory of Tinkerbell who would roll in the local cow pasture and cover herself in manure. Tink would wander back on home covered in green and brown manure cacked on her hair.  My mom would tie Tink up and get the hose out to clean her off and yell at her. I honestly think Tink did this at times to get back at my mom and I am being dead serious.

8. Tinkerbell dominated by the cat. FU (Pronounced Foo and spellled F…. U…. still a great inside family joke) was a mean cat. Tinkerbell and FU did not get along very well. Tinkerbell was not your typical dog as she got along with all our cats. They would sleep together and never had an altercatio but that excludes FU. Tink had her kennel in the garage with her blanket. FU would parade her way into her kennel and take over the blanket leaving no room for Tinkerbell. Tink instead of getting into with it with FU would just take it from the cat and sleep on the cement.

7. Dynamic Duo Tinkerbell and Andrew. I just want you to imagine a little boy Andrew (not the 18 year old version now) with just barn boots, swimsuit, no shirt, a shovel and a yellow lab. Now imagine Andrew screaming at Tinkerbell to stop getting in his way as he would dig. Tink then would always try to catch the rocks and dirt Andrew threw to the side.

6. Dog at sea. While at our cabin on Lake Cle Elum we all jumped in the boat to go waterskiing and about 5 minutes later we noticed that Tinkerbell was half away across the lake in the water following us. She was so far away from shore that we had to pick her up in the boat and take her back to shore.

5. Christmas Lights. Putting up Christmas lights at our house is an event often times turning into a 2 day event. As light bulbs would break or fall onto the ground it was always a mad dash to grab Tinkerbell before she started to eat the broken glass. Tinkerbell would eat just about everything including rocks which she had an odd fascination with.

4. Hose and Water. Tinkerbell like many yellow labs loved water but I have never seen a dog to the extreme as Tink. While watering plants she would attack the water coming out of the hose. This would turn into a game as we would squirt the water in the air and watch Tinkerbell try to catch the water. It even got to the point where Tinkerbell would grab the hose and drag it out so we would turn on the water for her to try to attack.

3. Neighborhood Dog. Tink not only was our dog but she was the neighborhood dog. There was a span where Tink definitely added some pounds as all the neighbors felt they needed to give Tink bones and treats. She loved being up at our neighbors and especially the Lyman’s who offered many times to adopt Tinkerbell from us.

2. Tinkerbell and the cabin. There was nothing more fun then taking Tink up to our family cabin on Lake Cle Elum. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Tinkerbell would jump into the lake and take a swim. Tink loved the cabin. All you would have to do is say Cabin and she would be ready to jump in the back of the truck. I think Tinkerbell liked the cabin the most as she would sleep in the laundry room.

1. As mentioned before that Tinkerbell would drink water from a hose. This involves the Dynamic Duo of and Andrew and Tink. One day while Andrew was digging in the dirt he decided that going into the house to go the bathroom was to much. Andrew decided that going outside was a lot more convenient. Long story short I walk around the corner to Andrew giggling while going the bathroom and poor Tinkerbell trying to drink or should I say bite his pee.

We will miss our beloved Tinkerbell. Coming home will never be the same. We will miss that smile from our yellow lab.  Maybe now she will learn how to drop a tennis ball!


Influenza A – Swine Flu

So I turned 25 in September.  My birthday is September 23.  I was so excited because about a week before my birthday rolled around Sophia surprised me with the news that she got 2 tickets to see Wicked in Seattle for my birthday.  Of course this was too good to be true as I love the production Wicked.  I saw it in London a couple of summers ago with good friend Ryan Ward.  I think Sophia has listened to the soundtrack numerous times as it is always a favorite of mine to listen to at work and in the car.

Wicked Logo

The first problem we had with Wicked was the football conflict.  Wednesday night for football Varsity and JV practice under the lights up at Pete’s Pool at 7:00 PM.  This was not going to be any other Wednesday practice either, it was the Wednesday night practice before we took on #1 Lakes. The tickets were for Wednesday night, but I made the sacrifice and made the arrangements to miss practice to go on a date with my wife.

As Wednesday was approaching things did not get good in the Gamblin home.  I missed work on Tuesday because I was sick and I joined Sophia on the couch as we both where under the weather.  Sophia continued to bother me through out the day that our thermometer was broken and she wanted to know what her fever was up to.  Late Tuesday night I went to the store to get Sophia a thermometer.  Sophia had a temperature of over 103 degrees which freaked us both out.  So we went to the Emergency Room.  While we were in the hospital Sophia’s temperature dropped and they did some tests.  To the excitement of the nurses at the hospital that Sophia was the first case of Swine Flu the hospital had seen!  I have never been so proud, haha!  As the nurses were excited, Sophia was not to thrilled nor was I.

Swine Flu

OK, I think everyone in the world knows what swine flu is.  People have gone crazy about this flu, acting like it is the black plague.  While at the hospital they gave us a sheet on what Swine Flu is all about.  Swine Flu is really just Influenza A.  Influenza A is a contagious respiratory illness affecting pigs, but is now being spread from person to person. Symptoms are similar to regular human flu.  The flu spreads in respiratory droplets that are propelled through the air by coughing or sneezing.  A person may become infected by touching something with a virus on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

Here are some of the symptoms:

Fever, Headache, Tiredness, Cough, Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Body Aches.

I thought you would like the Wikipedia or complete copy of the form the hospital gave us.   The This flu was nasty and it kicked our butts here in the Gamblin house.  As my birthday rolled around Sophia and I were left paralyzed on the coach feeling miserable.  We were unable to go see Wicked that night, so we passed along the tickets to Sophia’s sister and boyfriend.  My birthday and the days after were spent with both of us with no energy and laying on the couch watching ESPN and HBO on demand.

We are finally back to health but man that flu really sucked!


House Painting

Sophia Testing Paint Coloros

Sophia Testing Paint Colors

We are back from our honeymoon and life has not slowed down for Sophia and I.  Our first major task is preparing our new home before we move in.  Although our house is in great condition we wanted to do two things before we started piling our stuff into the house.  1. Paint and 2. Clean the Carpets.

I first told Sophia when she got the color wheel that I did not car and for her to just pick out 3 colors that she liked and I would decide from there.  I should have known better.  I of course went against what I said and started having an opinion.  I really had no idea I cared about colors.  Choosing paint colors is hard!  Everyone else when they are painting make it look so easy.  I was prepared to just walk in the pain store get a couple buckets of paint and go on my little way.

I would definitely say that deciding between a shade of tan vs a shade of tan with a hint of green in it is very stressful.  Most people just have a few color options when decide to put colors on the wall.  Our house right now looks ridiculous with lines all over the walls.  We have over 10 I believe and Sophia knows each one by name, she is very impressive.

We finally today decided on our colors and our scheme.   Now with that done we will begin to paint shortly.  We will be moving in shortly, fingers crossed.

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