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Football Played In The Mud

10-16-09 Andrew vs Bonney lake

Hornets improve to 6-1. Friday night did not start out the way Hornet fans anticipated.  The week preparing for Bonney Lake the weather did not always cooperate.  On Tuesday a huge rain storm came rolling into Enumclaw causing I guess you would describe as flash floods on the streets.

We were anticipating rain for Friday nights contest but were not expecting the inch of rain in 1 hour like we got.  The rain really started to fall about 20 minutes prior kick off and by the opening kick off it had turned Pete’s Field in a huge mud pit.

The Hornets kicked off and watched BL return the opening kick off for 6 points.  Everything that could go wrong in the first quarter it seemed to for the Hornets as they quickly fell behind 20 to 0.  The Hornets kept their composure and rallied back to score 33 unanswered.

The Hornet offense produced close to 500 total yards and the Hornet Defense really put the clamps down on the Panthers from Bonney Lake.  The Panther offense had roughly 75 passing yards and 85 rushing.  The Defense forced 3 turnovers.  My brother Andrew had a successful night as he rushed for over 165 yards on 26 carries.

The win set up an exciting match up this coming week as the Hornets take on Peninsula for a battle of 2nd place and home field advantage week 1 into the state playoffs.

Andrew Gamblin EHS


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Enumclaw Homecoming Parade and Game

Nothing is better in Enumclaw than Friday of Homecoming week.  This is where Cole Street closes down and everyone crowds the street for the Homecoming parade.  This was my first EHS Homecoming parade in 7 years.  The parade has grown over the years.  It originally was where the Homecoming royalty road in the back of trucks and each class put together a float, along with the 25 year anniversary class.

This year included floats from all 4 classes and both junior highs.  The junior football programs the Enumclaw Junior Hornets and also Enumclaw Wolverines had floats.  This was the opportunity for a lot of different clubs and sport teams to show school pride by putting together floats.

As I have always said Homecoming is not complete with out a football win.  Pete’s Pool in Enumclaw was packed Friday night and we were blessed with another night of great weather.  The Hornets jumped out earlier vs Auburn Mt View forcing a 3 and out and blocking the ensuing punt.  The first play from offense was a touchdown run.  The Hornet defense was a dominating force in the first half allowing on 2 first downs and forcing the Lions to punt deep in their own territory creating great field position for the Hornet Offense.  At halftime the Hornets where up 26 to 0.  The second half played out much like the first with the Hornets taking their first possession and scoring.  The final score for the 2009 Enumclaw High School Homecoming game was 33 to 0.

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Influenza A – Swine Flu

So I turned 25 in September.  My birthday is September 23.  I was so excited because about a week before my birthday rolled around Sophia surprised me with the news that she got 2 tickets to see Wicked in Seattle for my birthday.  Of course this was too good to be true as I love the production Wicked.  I saw it in London a couple of summers ago with good friend Ryan Ward.  I think Sophia has listened to the soundtrack numerous times as it is always a favorite of mine to listen to at work and in the car.

Wicked Logo

The first problem we had with Wicked was the football conflict.  Wednesday night for football Varsity and JV practice under the lights up at Pete’s Pool at 7:00 PM.  This was not going to be any other Wednesday practice either, it was the Wednesday night practice before we took on #1 Lakes. The tickets were for Wednesday night, but I made the sacrifice and made the arrangements to miss practice to go on a date with my wife.

As Wednesday was approaching things did not get good in the Gamblin home.  I missed work on Tuesday because I was sick and I joined Sophia on the couch as we both where under the weather.  Sophia continued to bother me through out the day that our thermometer was broken and she wanted to know what her fever was up to.  Late Tuesday night I went to the store to get Sophia a thermometer.  Sophia had a temperature of over 103 degrees which freaked us both out.  So we went to the Emergency Room.  While we were in the hospital Sophia’s temperature dropped and they did some tests.  To the excitement of the nurses at the hospital that Sophia was the first case of Swine Flu the hospital had seen!  I have never been so proud, haha!  As the nurses were excited, Sophia was not to thrilled nor was I.

Swine Flu

OK, I think everyone in the world knows what swine flu is.  People have gone crazy about this flu, acting like it is the black plague.  While at the hospital they gave us a sheet on what Swine Flu is all about.  Swine Flu is really just Influenza A.  Influenza A is a contagious respiratory illness affecting pigs, but is now being spread from person to person. Symptoms are similar to regular human flu.  The flu spreads in respiratory droplets that are propelled through the air by coughing or sneezing.  A person may become infected by touching something with a virus on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

Here are some of the symptoms:

Fever, Headache, Tiredness, Cough, Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Body Aches.

I thought you would like the Wikipedia or complete copy of the form the hospital gave us.   The This flu was nasty and it kicked our butts here in the Gamblin house.  As my birthday rolled around Sophia and I were left paralyzed on the coach feeling miserable.  We were unable to go see Wicked that night, so we passed along the tickets to Sophia’s sister and boyfriend.  My birthday and the days after were spent with both of us with no energy and laying on the couch watching ESPN and HBO on demand.

We are finally back to health but man that flu really sucked!


Hornets Win 9 to 6 vs Franklin Pierce

Enumclaw Football

The Enumclaw High School Hornets traveled to Franklin Pierce High School this past Saturday night to take on the Cardinals. Although it was a low scoring affair there was plenty of offense. Coach Patterson and I were pleased as our defense scored for the first time this year causing a safety. That is two games thus far this year where we have had a safety in the game, this week we were on the better end.

In efforts to get the kids excited for the big game we put together a highlight tape of big plays from the week before and big plays from last years battle with Franklin Pierce up at Pete’s Pool. Saturday’s game did not showcase a last second goaline stand like last year but did feature the Hornets putting together a time consuming drive to hold onto the win late in the 4th quarter.  The Hornets won 9 to 6.  Definitely in an interesting score for a High School game but a Win is a Win!

The Hornets are 2 and 0 and are heading into this week’s game against Sumner High School who are 0 and 2. This will be the Hornets first home game of the year up at Pets’s Pool. Playing on natural grass will be nice for the boys and having a home cheering section will add to the excitement. The Hornets only get 4 home games this year which includes Homecoming. Hopefully the Hornets can put themselves in a good position after this week.  If the Hornets win they will be 3 and 0 and roll into Tacoma to take on Lakes who are ranked #3 in the state.

Go Hornets

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EHS vs Wilson

Saturday September 4, 2009 The Enumclaw High School Hornets traveled to the Stadium Bowl in Tacoma to play the Wilson High School Rams.  My wife Sophia and my mom were waiting during the game for Heath Ledger to come out on the stands and start singing “You’re to good to be be true, can’t take my eyes off of you…”  (Stadium High School is where they filmed the movie 10 Thing I Hate About You)

This was a rematch from last year as the Rams came up to Pete’s Pool and walked away with the win 14-13.  The Hornets came out ready to play with its opening drive taking almost the whole length of the 1st quarter.

The Wilson Rams were only allowed 3 plays on offense in the 1st quarter due to the Hornets offense.  The game definitely heated up as Wilson Rams forced a couple of fumbles and converted those turnovers into scores throughout the game.  The Hornets forced the Rams into 3 interceptions and 1 sack which set up the offense to convert.

Down late in the contest 16 to 14 the Hornets made a late drive to put themselves into FG position.  They kicked a game winning FG with a few seconds left on the clock and pulled ahead for the victory 17 to 16.   The Youtube video is Defensive Highlights from the game.   The Hornets are preparing this week to take on Franklin Pierce Saturday Night.

Stadium Bowl

Stadium Bowl

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YEAS Tailgate – Pete’s Field

On May 7, 2009 the Y.E.A.S Committee had a kick off tailgate luncheon to go over the proposed plan for the new Enumclaw Stadium at Pete’s Pool.

The City of Enumclaw and Enumclaw School District have partnered together to re-design The Enumclaw Expo Center (Pete’s Pool) Football Stadium into a premier football and soccer facility. This is a community based fundraising effort and they need your help. A taskforce has been assembled to develop a design and fundraising effort for the improvements.  Check out Your Enumclaw Area Stadium (Y.E.A.S) and see what you can do to help the cause at

Pete’s field is shared by 3 football programs:

Enumclaw High School Football  


EHS Football Players on hand for the luncheon

EHS Football Players on hand for the luncheon


Enumclaw Hornet Junior Football


Junior Hornet Players in attendance

Junior Hornet Players in attendance


Enumclaw Wolverine Junior Football  

I have played at Pete’s Field all my life.  I played 4-years with the Enumclaw Wolverines and 4-years at Enumclaw High School.  I love this field and there is no better place in the state to play a football game.  There is no track separating the fans from the field which creates an intimate way to watch football.  After the game the fans scatter on the field to congratulate players as this is not found throughout many high school programs and stadiums.  The giant field house as a backdrop makes the field look like it is made for a High School football movie.  

Towards the end of the football season the field is more like a giant piece of dirt with 3 teams playing on it regularly the natural grass cannot handle all the wear and tear.  Having field turf will allow Football and Soccer teams to practice more without concern of tearing the field apart and to play year round.  With an artificial surface it allows consistant field conditions with not concern of mud or the dreaded hill.  Pete’s Field does not meet WIAA regulations for post season play.  If the Hornets were to host a home playoff game they would not be able to play on their home field because all playoff games have to be played on artificial playing surfaces.  

Overall the tailgate luncheon was great.  Judge Richard Bathum had a great presentation on the history of Pete’s Field.  

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