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Enumclaw Frozen Yogurt

Enumclaw Frozen Yogurt

FRIDAY NIGHT… The week is done.  Most young couples cannot wait to spend a fun exciting night out together.  What does a Friday night look like at the Gamblin household: Sophia and me on the couch watching TV and a conversation that starts at exactly 9:30 PM of who will get McFlurries from McDonald’s.  I am a huge ice cream fan.  I am not just any ice cream fan I am a Dairy Queen Blizzard fan.  It was like a loss to the family when Dairy Queen left Enumclaw in the 1990’s.  Every time I drive to work and past the Enumclaw Forest Service building were my beloved Dairy Queen used to sit I get a little weepy.  You better believe when I am in Bonney Lake or Auburn and fast food is suggested we are stopping at DQ.

So what was the best thing to replace my Blizzard fix? Thank you McDonald’s for introducing the McFlurry.  Now my relationship with McDonald’s when it comes to ice cream has been hit and miss.  I tried to order a LARGE Mcflurry and I was told that they only come in Small and Regular.    I asked can I get it in a large (yeah I am fat and love ice cream I don’t car.  That brings me to another point it is funny how people are sometimes ashamed to say they ate at McDonalds.  If you see someone you know there they automatically say I don’t want to eat here my kids forced me here while they pound a quarter pounder).  Anyways back to my LARGE McFlurry.  Thinking that the McFlurry was only offered in 2 sizes didn’t make sense. This is coming from the company that made Billions off the phrase SUPER SIZE me.  I was told again that they do not come in Large.  Of course I am thinking it is a 17 year old kid (like Eric Epperson was back in high school) is going to do me a favor and give me a large cup.  The response I received from my order taker shocked me… “We do not offer Large McFlurries because it is part of McDonald’s plan to fight obesity in America.” I wish I was joking.  Normally I am pretty quick to respond with something clever.  I was in shocked obviously this was not your typical 17 year old taking my order.  I of course was in shock while I took my McFurry.  Looking back on it I should have ordered just two regulars and stuck it to McDonald’s.  Or I could have just done an Andy Sandberg and threw it on the ground.




Ward Visit… Before Babies

The Gamblins and Wards

It is always a good time when we get together with the Ward crew.  Ryan and Megan made the trip up to Washington right before the babies are born.  I guess you can say it was the last time we could hang out without changing diapers and putting little ones down for a nap.  It was a great trip and we got a few games of Settlers of Catan in.  I can only imagine what a game would be like in a year when we have crying babies.   Before Ryan and Megan left we had to get some pregnant shots in.

Sophia Gamblin and Megan Ward

Sophia Gamblin and Megan Ward


Enumclaw Football Car Wash 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This will mark the 2nd year where I am not coaching High School Football.  It kills me as I love being out on the field with the players and coaches.  I want to stay involved and due to my work obligations it is to tough for me to make it out to practice every day.  I am not on the Enumclaw Football Foundation Board.  It has been a lot of fun being on the board for this 2012 season.  It is crazy to think it has been 10 years since I put on a Hornet Football uniform, feel pretty old here.

Football has really changed in Enumclaw since 10 years ago.  We have a booster club, summer football camp and 7 on 7’s.  The kids are asked to do a lot and one of the things the Foundation puts on is the annual car wash.  The players are giving cards to pre-sale.  For whatever the kid sells goes directly to his fund for camp.  If the player sells $300 worth of tickets that money goes directly to his summer football camp fund.

For the 2012 car wash we had perfect weather.  The cars kept on coming and coming.  We don’t keep a direct count of all the vehicles we wash because it is a lot but we probably wash about 400 cars in a day.  With our great location at Gamblin Motors Truck Center it is a great place to have a car wash.  We added  a twist to the car wash this year.  We wanted to get the cheerleaders involved.  After people got their car washed the cheerleaders asked them if they would be interested in test driving a vehicle.  Gamblin Motors worked with the cheerleaders for every test drive they got Gamblin Motors would donate to their booster club.

Enumclaw Football Car Wash

Tyson Gamblin Soliciting Test Drives


Tyson and Sophia Hawaii Trip Pictures

Here is a picture slide show of our time in Hawaii.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tyson and Sophia Hawaii Trip Pictures, posted with vodpod

WSADA 2012 Gamblin Motors

Jeri, Alan, Sophia and Tyson Gamblin at WSADA 2012

Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Tyson and Sophia

Tyson and Sophia at the WSADA Fairmont-Kea Lani Maui

Tyson and Sophia Gamblin

Sophia’s baby bump

Fairmont-Kea Lani Maui Beach

Tyson and Sophia Gamblin

At Mama’s Fish House Maui

Sophia Gamblin and Baby Gamblin

Sophia Gamblin Baby Bump


Enumclaw Ford Drive One For Your School

The Enumclaw High School Football Program and Choir joined forces this past Saturday for a fundraiser. In the morning was a pancake feed and in the afternoon was a test drive program sponsored by Ford. Of course when I showed up to help everyone wanted to know if I was going to test drive a Ford. Most people forget that I sell used Ford’s all the time so it was not the first time I have driven a Ford. I was not going to leave without help raise some money for the Football team and Choir. So I decided I wanted to drive the new Taurus.  It was a lot of fun to drive a new car and it was even better to have fun with all the Ford people.  What a great event and beautiful weather you couldn’t ask for much more.



I am Back

Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. For those who follow me… cough, cough, OK I understand that when I write these I am not writing for any particular audience. If anything this Blog is for me to track events in my life and update some of the things I do at work. A lot has changed since I wrote last. Sophia and I have a dog and most importantly Sophia is pregnant with our first child. It is going to be a girl, so I better get used to a lot of pink, dresses and bows.

So I promise I will be updating this blog more now… (NO FINGERS CROSSED)


Ugly Sweater Party

Who has the ugliest sweater finalist?

The Levels hosted the first Christmas party at their home.  Sophia was too sick to go.  For some my sweater may look familiar as it is from my moms closet.  In efforts to have my mom stop wearing ridiculous sweaters I decided to steal this one and wear to an ugly sweater party.  I however did not win but Mike Martinez did.  I think the giant sombrero gave him the advantage.  You may ask where did the giant sombrero come from.  It was part of the white elephant gift exchange I think specifically put there for Mike.

the winner for the best sweater

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