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4th of July 2009

I do not remember a 4th of July ever where the weather was this warm.  Normally the 4th of July you are anticipating rain and wearing a sweatshirt at night to keep you warm.  Not this year as it was 85 degrees and sunny.  The Gamblin family never had a real 4th of July tradition.   Sophia on the other hand has a 4th of July tradition that I think I will be adopting.

Sophia and I spent our 4th of July at her Besterfar’s house on Lake Meridian in Kent, Washington.  It was a beautiful afternoon where the lake was full of people.  The 4th of July events start with all the boats clearing the lake at 6:00 PM.  Soon to follow is the boat race in the middle of the lake (paddle boat races that is).  After the paddle boat races is the boat parade where all the locals decorate their boats and cruise around the lake.

At 10:00 PM the barge comes out and the firework show begins.  It was a great show this year full of new fireworks and a lot longer.  It was nice to sit on Bestefar’s lawn on a blanket and watch the firework show.

The best part of the night was playing rummy.  Sophia and I play rummy all the time.  It was nice to actually play with 4 people this time.


Couples Shower – Tyson and Sophia

Sophia and I had our first bridal shower or “couples shower” with close friends and family on Saturday June 6th at Jeff and Julie Iunker’s home. It was a great night filled with great food and people. Although, I was late as I had to sign papers on a house. Hopefully this one actually works, as Sophia and I have had our fair share of builder pains. We both have a good feeling about this one, we are crossing our fingers on this one!

We got a great selection of gifts that we are so very excited to put in our new house. The present that stole the night was definately the plunger that Jeff Iunker gave me. I had to admit to all the men in the room that I do not know tools very well like my brother in law Robert.

– Tyson Gamblin
Art Gamblin Motors
Enumclaw, WA 98022

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