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Tyson Gamblin Benefit Concert

Music is a huge passion of mine. I am the type of guy who likes albums not just songs. I like finding the new and upcoming bands and also finding great albums. For instance the Pinkerton Album by Weezer does not get much love compared to the Blue Album, but I think Pinkerton is just as good.

I think you can learn a lot about someone by what type of music they like.  My favorite question to ask someone is if they could have a benefit concert in their name with 5 bands living or dead what bands would they have preform? This for many is a very difficult questions that takes some time to think about.

There are a lot of variables to consider. For instance does a particular band you like not preform that well live or not sound that well live. Another thing to consider is if they are dead how would they compare to someone living and preforming now. I have had a wide variety of answers from friends and strangers who they would have preform at their benefit concert.

I will share with you my top 5 bands that I would have preform at the Tyson Gamblin Benefit Concert.


The closest I have been to a U2 concert was in Dublin, Ireland where a U2 cover band was playing. The cover band was probably the closest thing to a real U2 concert. Actually, the real U2 band saw them play once and thought they were so good they gave them all their old road gear such as clothes, amps, guitars and equipment. Seeing U2 preform live would be awesome as they can definitely put on a great show.

The BeatlesThe Beatles

The greatest band of all time. I really fell in love with the Beatles when I was on one my European excursions where I was listening to my ipod constantly. I had pretty close all the albums on my ipod and I was amazed how many songs that I recognized that I did not know the Beatles originally did. Not only is their music great it would be great to see the band preform together.

The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones

I made the mistake of not attending a Stones concert in Seattle a couple years back. They are like dinosaurs, but they sure can rock. Their music is great and I can always throw in a Rolling Stones CD and not skip through it. Seeing Mick Jagger work a stage would be great. For the Tyson Gamblin benefit concert I would want them a little younger though.


I was in Edinburgh, Scotland and missed a Radiohead concert. One of the few things in life I regret. Radiohead according to Rolling Stone Magazine is always one of the top 3 bands to see live each year. My favorite thing about Radiohead is their ability to mix good solid rock songs with some nice mellow ballads. A good mix to have for my benefit concert.


I mean come on, who would not want to see Freddie Mercury on stage and work his magic. One thing is the man can sing and two he was a pure entertainer. I have seen some of his outfits at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. After watching pieces of American Idol and seeing the finale, Adam Lambert better join Queen because they could definitely still bring it.

On the bubble:
Kings of Leon, Muse and The Arcade Fire.  There is a Good chance I can still see these bands preform live; that is why they are not part of the Tyson Gamblin Benefit Concert.


First Post – Ward’s Visit

This is my first attempt to post something on my blog so we will see how it goes. 

I really am interested to see how I like blogging.  I have read so much about it and many of my friends and family have blogs.  I hope that what I write or blog about may be worth the time of those who read it.  What I really plan on using this blog for is to keep people up to date with things I am up to or things I have recently done.  I will also throw in a random article of what I do at work and also I will use this blog to post things about EHS Football.

Ryan Ward and his wife Megan came up and visited the weekend of April 25 and 26.  Although Megan was not feeling well (it was not the swine flu) she battled through it.  We had a large list of things to accomplish while they visited.  Friday night on their arrival we had a big barbecue and lounged in the hot tub. 

Saturday we drove into downtown Seattle and we went to our wedding cake taste testing at Seattle Dessert Works.  All I have to say is wow.  It was the best way to start off a day.  The cakes are amazing and we are very excited to share them with you on our wedding day.  

I have forgotten how much I love downtown Seattle.  The new stores they have added are great like my favorite H&M.   Hillary my little sister says their is just a huge difference between the stores in Europe and here in America and I will have to agree with her.  I think it is comforting that you are buying a t-shirt for 7 pounds and you think you are getting a great deal because you are like hey it is 7 pounds but really it is like $14.  

I love walking through Pike Place Market.  Even as a local and visiting the market is a blast.  With so many restaurants downtown and great new places to try I still keep on going to Cheesecake Factory.

I remember a couple of years ago when I first went to Cheesecake Factory thinking it was the greatest place on earth, literally.  I think part of the excitement was there were not that many around.  This same concept was true when I was a little kid and I went to Red Robin every year for my big birthday dinner (there were not that many around).  I feel like the Cheesecake Factory is now becoming the next Red Robin to me.  I think I need to stop going so often and start venturing to other places to eat (but Cheesecake is so good and I can’t stop!). 

To cap off the day and the Ward’s visit we went to the Seattle Sounders game.  Since the NBA ripped the Sonics away from us (David Stern can suck it).  I must admit I am now a huge MLS fan.  I love our Sounders team.   The game was another sold out venue.  It was great!  The atmosphere was full of electricity.  Although the fans do need to work on getting some good chants beside sounders…sounders…sounders.  I thought I would hear a really weak rendition of ole ole ole.  I was highly disappointed.  I guess American’s are not as clever in chants or being good spectators (I think I might blog about that next).  The highlight of the night was when Ryan finally told Megan that Sounder FC did not stand for Sounder Foster Child but Sounder Football Club.  

It has been very busy for myself of late with being engaged, planning a wedding, spring football starting and work.  Until next time you stay classy my blog readers (haha, I love it)

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